About Me

I'm Michael Wilseque (b. 1994), a visual artist living and working in Curitiba, Brazil and creating on multiple media.

My research interests include spontaneity, chance, urban-natural dynamics, erasure, deconstruction, asemic writing and time as a transformative and active entity.


Sou Michael Wilseque (n. 1994), artista visual vivendo e trabalhando em Curitiba, Brasil e produzindo em múltiplas mídias.

Meus interesses de pesquisa incluem a espontaneidade, a aleatoriedade, as dinâmicas entre urbano e natural, a desconstrução, o apagar, escrita assêmica e o tempo como agente de transformação.

Artist Statement

I am driven by a passion for exploring the complexities of urban-nature relationships and the role that time plays as a transformative agent within our built environments. My work is informed by a deep appreciation for the processes of erasure and deconstruction, as they offer unique opportunities to uncover hidden meanings and beauty within the remnants of our cities, as well as asemic writing and how it relates to street art. While I do not necessarily incorporate direct interventions of nature into my work, I am greatly intrigued by this aesthetic and philosophical concept and the relentless forces of change that shape our urban landscapes. Through my work, I aspire to provoke a deeper contemplation and reflection among viewers regarding the ephemeral nature of our surroundings and inspire a greater awareness of the world around us.

I create through destroying, rebuilding, disassembly and reassembly. The politics of language, writing as a weapon against meaning, the layering, scabbing and scavenging of stories within an artwork are my tools. I tell stories through destruction, create narratives connecting elements that were once distant in time and space, and let the new picture form as it wishes.


March 2022 - Group show 'Mosaico Brasileiro', Online and at Museu do Amanhã, RJ

September 2022 - Group show, NFT Show Europe in Valencia, Spain

March/April 2023 - Group show 'Nós', Galeria Ponto de Fuga, Curitiba, Brazil

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